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My New Comic Project

June 27, 2011
Day one. New book with a new hero. Going good so far; gonna show some sketches soon. Stay posted or stay turned... um just stay put. More coming soon.


August 8, 2009
How was it?

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Favorite Summer Movie

June 15, 2009

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Tell us what you think! Send comments, thoughts, reactions, concerns: what could make this site better?

January 19, 2009

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About Me

Jared Day I'm a local (Chicago) self-taught artist who has exhibited at many art shows, showcases and contests, including the 2004 Wizard World Chicago where I sold most of my "Bogard" and "StormZero" graphic novels. I am currently working on my self-published "StormZero" series that was exhibited at the 2007 Wizard World Chicago "artist gallery". I have taught at several libraries in the neighboring communities:Grande Prairie Library (Hazel Crest, IL), University Park Library (University Park IL), Summit Library (Summit IL), Bridgeview Library (Bridgeview, IL), Aurora Library(Aurora IL), Naperville Library (Naperville IL),and the Woodridge Library (Woodridge IL).

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